(3 available)



      Can be used as a computer interface, a stand-alone device or in the field

      Built-in graphing and analysis software

      Vivid color touch screen

      Compatible with existing Vernier sensors




(3 available)



You can use LabPro with a Windows or Macintosh computer, Texas Instruments graphing calculator, Palm handheld*, or on its own as a remote data collector. Logger Pro computer software allows students to collect, display, analyze, and report data quickly, accurately, and easily.



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Connect the ULI to the serial port of your Mac computer, plug in the appropriate sensors, and launch the data collection software. Click on the Collect button, and data is collected as a real-time graph. You can collect data and display graphs as the experiment takes place. You can then examine or print the graph, scroll through the data table, export data to other programs or use the data analysis features of the software: statistics (mean, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, etc.) curve fits (linear, power, log, exponential, polynomial) calculated columns (for spreadsheet-like calculations). Experiment files on the disk make using the ULI easy. Simply open the appropriate experiment file and you are ready to collect data!