These units were developed in lieu of a textbook. They are available for download in .pdf form. Units are meant to be done online. They contain live links to online texts and glossaries, and interactive quizzes, simulations and review games. By the time a student finishes a study guide, he or she has completed his or her own textbook chapter from which to study. Students are able to check all answers online, so they (rather than the teacher) are responsible for the accuracy of completed study guides. Study guides and the syllabi* below also include links to other activities to be done in the classroom, such as wet labs and other investigations.

Unit 1 - Introduction to Chemistry & the Classification of Matter
Unit 2 – Atomic Structure & the Periodic Table
Unit 3 Part 1 - Chemical Bonding - Ionic
Unit 3 Part 2 - Chemical Bonding - Covalent
Unit 4 - Spectroscopy
Unit 4 Extension - Spectroscopy - Stars & Elements
Unit 5 - Avogadro’s Number & the Mole
Unit 6 - Balancing Equations & Reaction Types

Unit 7 - States of Matter & Gas Law (forthcoming)

Sample internet research project - Atomic Model Timeline, sample of student work

*Chemistry Syllabus 06/07
*Academic Chemistry Syllabus 06/07