Astronomy Grading Policy

You will need a 3-ring binder for this class. We do not use a textbook, but resources from various places including the internet (see our home page URL at the bottom of the page) and a curriculum using image processing software called "The Hands-on Universe". This binder becomes your text and portfolio.

Our daily syllabus is online - click the link on the home page. Check this daily for due dates. If you are absent, often you can access the work from home on the internet by clicking the name of the handout on the syllabus as much of what we do is online.

Portfolio - 50%
*date each portfolio entry
*portfolio entries may include
---notes you take on a reading, video or website
---answers to questions
---completed packets and handouts
*if you work with a partner on something, include your partnerís name on the entry and make sure you BOTH have copies for your portfolio

Tests/projects/night sky observations-50%
*directions for specific night observations may be found at Night Sky or you may design your own and include a journal entry - these will be assigned throughout the quarter as will tests and projects