Packet on galaxy shapes (construct a logarthmic spiral) and our Milky Way. Here is another galaxy tutorial and more on logarithmic spirals in nature.
Galactic Inquiry
In this inquiry activity, students view NASA images of galaxies and develop a galaxy classification scheme. Students then compare and contrast their classification scheme with that developed by Edwin Hubble. Print out the worksheet and read more about galaxies.
HOU-Galaxy Features Unit
Use Hands-On Universe image processing software to identify galaxy features. (HOU Book 2: Finding Features p. 15-23)
Lab 5: Active Galactic Nuclei
Tutorial and online lab. Take notes and do the exercises as you go. Click to open the virtual laboratory frameset at the bottom of the page and then choose "Labs for Semester 2" and then "Lab 5: Active Galactic Nuclei" from the menu on the right. Print out the answer sheet .
Star Formation and U/HLXs in the Cartwheel Galaxy
Use ds9 software to view the Cartwheel Galaxy in x-rays and in the optical range to determine possbile candidates for the Ultra and Hyperluminous x-ray sources. For more information, read the introductory notes.