Ch. 5 Project Atomic Model Timeline

To help you piece together the story of what we know about the "atom", you will be creating a timeline depicting the development of the scientific model of the atom. It has been through new discoveries by philosophers and scientists in physics, as well as chemistry, that the model of the atom has expanded and changed over time. Your assignment is to research the major contributors and significant discoveries that have impacted the atomic model and, from this material, develop a timeline.


Learning Targets:


E1. Trace the development of models of the atom to the present and describe how each model reflects the scientific understanding of their time.


L3. Make and use appropriate symbols, pictures, diagrams, scale drawings, and models to represent and simplify real-life situations and to solve problems.

Your timeline MUST:

  1. Include AT LEAST the following scientists/groups:


  1. Include the following pictorial models of the atom in their correct place on the timeline:
    • indivisible, solid sphere model
    • electron cloud model
    • planetary or solar system model
    • plum (raisin) pudding model
    • the Bohr model


  1. Be chronological in its sequence, with the dates clearly shown. You do not have to follow the typical horizontal timeline format; you may be creative and use any format you wish.
  2. Contain, through pictures and/or explanations, the significant contributions and experiments of those scientists and atomic models listed above.
  3. Be neat and legible.


  1. You may find other atomic theory timelines or student projects online.  You may use these as a guide, but your project MUST represent original research. We will spend some class time doing research.
  2. No late timelines will be accepted and this project counts as one test grade.


Your timeline is due on ____________________